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Learning In Concert

Learning in Concert is an in-school partnership program with the NBSO and over fifty local elementary schools in southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. It uses a concept-based arts integration model where a musical concept is explored alongside other art and academic areas that authentically share the same concept. The Learning in Concert program is designed as a unified, comprehensive, three-phase curriculum project spanning an entire school year. The program begins with an in-school, arts integrated assembly concert program, followed by individual classroom lessons partnering NBSO Education Director with individual classroom teachers and students. The third phase is the culminating event where students’ year-long creative work and collaborations are featured and performed at the annual Young People’s Concerts.

2018-2019: Resourceful Composer, Resourceful Planet

This year, the NBSO’s Learning in Concert program explores how the compositional techniques of great composers can also serve to model ways to reduce plastic pollution. Be Like Beethoven: Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle, Reduce!

In the 2018-2019 Learning in Concert Program, we will explore three compositional techniques used by masterful composers that also serve as three models to improve the growing plastic pollution problem. The key to a sustainable planet lies within these composers’ resourceful skills. During the composition process, the skillful composer will reuse (repeat), repurpose (modify), and recycle (reconstruct) musical ideas within a piece of music. Use of these techniques has allowed great composers like Beethoven to create beautiful symphonies crafted from a small amount of musical material. Just like Beethoven, these same three techniques of reuse, repurpose, and recycle are also effective actions needed to reduce plastic pollution on our planet.

Each year, over 2 million metric tons of plastics ends up in our oceans, with only 9% of the world’s plastic currently being recycled. This has created a serious problem to our aquatic, airborne and terrestrial environments and to the health of humans and marine and land animals. Throughout the Learning in Concert program, students will explore the concepts of reuse, repurpose, and recycle through musical composition and hands-on, plastic repurposing activities. Through a partnership with the Buttonwood Park Zoo, our students will continue this exploration to learn about the devastating effects of plastic pollution on land and marine life.

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Educational Director

Education Director Terry Wolkowicz’s innovative and creative approach to designing music education curriculum has made the NBSO a leader in educational programming. Now in her seventh season with the NBSO, she continues to create innovative programming that connects classical music to our South Coast children’s lives and to encourage learning by exploring concepts that are authentically shared between classical… 

Educational Programs

Learning in concert

This program is designed as a unified, comprehensive, three-phase curriculum project spanning an entire school year. LIC uses a concept-based arts integration model where a musical concept is explored alongside other art and academic areas that authentically... 

Southeastern MA Youth Orchestra

The Southeastern Massachusetts Youth Orchestras program was established in 2008 under the auspices of the New Bedford Symphony Orchestra for students from pre-school beginners to advanced college players.

Music in the morning

For five years, children begin every school day by listening to five minutes of classical music. The same passage is repeated for the whole week, but a different introductory narration is read each day that brings out a specific aspect of the music or provides some information about the composer.

symphony tales

The Symphony Tales program is a music and literacy educational program geared to children ages four through seven. In the Symphony Tales program, children attend a reading of a popular children’s book while being accompanied by a live musical performance by a New Bedford Symphony Orchestra musician.

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Our educational programs serve over 25,000 children a year, and we are recognized nationally for our innovative approach and high impact. We all know of the documented benefits of children learning music, and we firmly believe that by introducing classical music to a new generation of students through our programs, we are helping them to make critical connections between music and their everyday lives, making their NBSO experience enriching on multiple levels.

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