NBSO Musician Roster

Violin I

Jesse Holstein, Concertmaster

  Milan A. Heath Jr. Memorial Chair

Ethan Wood, Assistant Concertmaster

  Dr. Clinton Levin Memorial Chair

Ealain McMullin*

Travis Rapoza

Jennifer Memoli

Nivedita Sarnath

Kyra Davies

Linda Scenna

Melody Albanese Kelly


Violin II

EmmaLee Holmes-Hicks, Principal

  Geoff and Judy Swett Chair

David Rubin

Ryan Shannon

Michael Hustedde

Raluca Dumitrache

Fariba Hunold

Keri Benson

Ray Melanson



Anna Griffis, Principal

  George Grimshaw Memorial Chair

Chris Nunn

Elisa Birdseye

Lauren Nelson

Rebecca Hallowell

Maureen Heflinger

Heather Church



Leo Eguchi, Principal

  Patricia Plum Wylde Chair

Shay Rudolph

Peter Zay

Bonnie Harlow

Nara Shahbazyan

Stefan Gabriel

Fabrizio Mazzetta



John Shiu, Acting Principal

  Irene Gudewicz Memorial Chair

Aidan Phipps

Bronek Suchanek

Rod McCaulley


Timothy Macri, Principal

   Josef N. Cobert Memorial Chair, endowed in perpetuity

Vanessa Holroyd

  Heather Parsons and Andrew Kotsatos Chair, endowed in perpetuity

Caitlyn Schmidt



Laura Shamu, Principal

  Nancy and Jack Braitmayer Chair, endowed in perpetuity

Laura Pardee Schaefer



Nicholas Brown, Principal

  Charles Parsons Memorial Chair

Margo McGowan



Michael Mechanic, Principal

Daniel Beilman



John Michael Adair, Principal

  Dorothy Malone and Rhoda Gayle Memorial Chair

Timothy Bedard



Andrew Sorg, Principal

Andrew Moreschi

Geoff Shamu



Seth Budahl, Principal

  Albert J. Lamoureux Memorial Chair

Robert Hoveland

James Monaghan



Joseph Wilson, Principal



Eric Huber, Principal



Tom Schmidt, Acting Principal

Mike Ambrosewski



Catie Canale Pflaumer, Principal



Pei-yeh Tsai, Principal

*On leave

Interim member

The orchestra roster is subject to change. Individual concert rosters will be posted on the concert pages prior to each concert.

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