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Symphony Supporters


The NBSO expresses its deep appreciation to all who support our concerts and educational programs.  Donations of $100 or more received between January 1, 2023, and December 31, 2023 are listed below.


  • Anonymous


Baldwin Brothers
Nancy Braitmayer
Wendy and Ken Joblon
Sally Johnston
Andy Kotsatos and Heather Parsons
Dexter and Susan Mead
John Newton and Janice Weber
Sandria Parsons
Margaret-Ann Rice
Tom Barry and Nancy Shanik
Fredericka and Howard Stevenson
Geoff and Judy Swett
Ann and Hans Ziegler
A Friend of NBSO


Bristol County Savings Bank
Janet and Bill Coquillette
Ralph Eustis, in memory of Merry Eustis
Bill and Cile Hicks
Paul and Denise Lamoureux
Michael Malone and Debra Gayle
Wayne Matelski
Diana Nichols
Harry and Pam Norweb
Jane and Neil Pappalardo
Barry and Meg Steinberg
Margot Stone
Richard and Patricia Wecker


Albert Fox Facial Plastic Surgery Center
Christina Bascom
Jan and Chuck Bichsel
Sandra Bilodeau
Mary Jean and Bill Blasdale
Douglas and Cindy Crocker
Helen DeGroot
Jim and Carol Dildine
Feingold Bonnet-Hebert, P.C.
Fiber Optic Center, Inc.
Dr. Albert and Cynthia Fox
Sharon and Richard Grahn
Hawthorn Medical Associates
Dorothy A. Hebden-Heath
Dr. Edward Hoffer and Madeleine Dechamps
Lilian Kemp and David Marks 
Profs. Susan J. Leclair and James T. Griffith
John and Doris Ludes
Karen and Jim Prieur
Joop and Ria Nagtegaal
Don and Genie Rice
Shepard Turf Management, Inc.
Kathy Wattles
Whaling City Sound
Laima and Bert Zarins


Milton and Marilyn Adams
Joel and Lisa Alvord
Pat and John Baillieul
Hope Lincoln Baker
Douglas Balder and Joan DeCollibus
Michael and Margie Baldwin
Bianca and Michael Bator
BayCoast Bank
Ellen and Tom Bowler
Edward C. and Elizabeth H. Brainard
Joel Brenner and Victoria Pope
Irene and Norman Buck
Rid Bullerjahn
Lizanne and Malcolm Campbell
Betty Ann and Jack Cannell
David Cole and Betty Slade
Sheila Powers Converse
James and Edwina Cronin
Michael K. Davis
Allan and Priscilla Ditchfield
John and Zelinda Douhan
Breck and Jeanne Eagle
Michael Esposito and Cynthia Redel
Janet and Bob Feingold
James Conlin and Carole Ferguson
Suzanne and George Gebelein
The Gladstone Family Fund
Marjorie and Nick Greville
Elissa and William Holmes
Jack and Leslie Howard
Nan Johnson and Alan Minard
Gary P. Johnson and Luana Josvold
David and Jen Kaiser
Trudy Kingery
Tali and Mark Kwatcher
Diane and Peter Lafond
Dr. Raina V. Lamade
Scott and Monica Laurans
Frances Levin
Ken Lipman
John and Katie Mannix
Drs. Alvin and Andrea Marcovici
Holly and Joe McDonough
Philip Guymont and Susan McLaren
Susan Eldredge Mead
Dorian Mintzer and David Feingold
Joe Nauman
Carolyn Osteen
Ed Ottensmeyer and Anne Donnellon
Richard Pline and Roseann Radosevich
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Reideler
Judy and Bob Rosbe
Kitt and Heather Sawitsky
Robert B. Smith
Southcoast Health
Alan Steinert, Jr.
Anonymous, in honor of Howard and Fredericka Stevenson
Rachael Kolb and Thomas Stritter
James S. and Maryellen Sullivan Hughes
Win Swarr
Richard Tabors and Mary Ellen Lees
Joan Underwood and Geoffrey Taylor
Joan Underwood and Geoffrey Taylor, in memory of Doris Ann Whitehill
Up With School Arts
Marge Waite and Neal Weiss
John and Mallory Waterman
Janet Whitla
Vincent Mor and Margaret S. Wool
Robin Worcester
Dr. and Mrs. Edward A. Zane


Holly and Dana Barrows
Linda and John Bodenmann
Jack Boesen and Janne Hellgren, in memory of Thelma Kramer Ostenfeld
Heather and Garrett Bradley
Mimi and Earl Briggs
Dr. Peter Campisano and Joyce Tower
Dwight and Loretto Crane
Bob and Sue Daylor
Tommie and Jack Desmond
Kathy Dinneen
Erica Driver
Clare Healy Foley and Paul Foley
Marie L. Fontaine, in memory of Doris and Fred Basel
Barbara and Brad Fouss
Elsie R. Fraga
Karen M. and George Gardner
Robert and Cynthia Hamburger, in honor of Bob Booth and the good work the NBSYO does!
Jim Harrison
Elizabeth Huidekoper
Nicholas and Susan Iwanisziw
Betsy and Rusty Kellogg
Helen and Ray Killian
Edward and Nancy Kurtz
Sasha Lauterbach and Peter Sturges
Jane Loos
Luzo Auto Center – J.C. Pinheiro
James Maffei and Trina Wanaga
Patricia and Joe Marshall
John Menzel
Colonel Joseph Napoli, USA, Ret.
Peter Necheles and Marlissa Briggett
Anne Patterson and Christopher Finn
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan L. Rounds
Elizabeth and Jeff Roy
Margot and Mark Schmid
Jane Ross Stankiewicz and Mark Southworth
Robert and Judith Sterns
David and Patricia Straus
Robert Trahan and Denyse Conrad
Richard and Barbara Van Inwegen
Henry and Marion Wainer
Greg Wallace, in honor of Janet and Vern Wallace
Rillis Watkins
David and Betty Watson, in memory of Mrs. Helen T. Mills
Anna Whitcomb and Samuel Knight
Dr. Natalia Whitley and Raymond Whitley
Anne Whitney
Ali Woodruff and Barrett Levenson
Ali Woodruff and Barrett Levenson, Red Oak Sourcing Company Match
Grace and David Wyss


Anonymous, in memory of Mary and David
Dana Anderson
Chris and Trish Arnold
Laurie and David Barrett
Ana and Dudley Bauerlein
Virginia and Myles Boone
Lorraine and Russ Carey
Prof. and Mrs. Chi-Hau Chen
Ms. Janice Z. Clark
Bill Clements
Anne T Converse
Evelyn Crocker
Dr. Gail Davidson
Jeffrey Dover and Tania Phillips
David and Kate Fentress
Anne and John Gorczyca
Jane Goulet
Mary Ann Hayes
Polly and Prentiss Higgins
Ellen Hocker
Elizabeth Isherwood-Moore
Mark and Nancy Keighley
Mary Ellen Kennedy
Audrey G. Knapp
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lang
Joyce LeBlanc
Robert and Carolyn Lytle
Jean MacCormack
Mary Mandeville
James and Corinne Marlow
Nancy McFadden
William and Beth Miller
Ed and Anne Motley
Charlie and Louise Nadler
Norma M. Olivier, in memory of Richard H. Warburton, MD
Larry and Jackie Philla
Ruth Prentiss
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Prescott, Jr.
Celeste and Cy Prothro, in honor of Mark and Margot Schmid’s 50th wedding anniversary
Kathy Reed
Michael Rocha, MD
Chris and Cecilia Ross
Tom and Kate Schmitt
Bonnie and Louis Silverstein
Charlotte D. Smith
St. Anne’s Credit Union
Judith and Kristian Stoltenberg
Elaine and Geoff Swaebe
Alfred Walker
Marjorie Williams and Michael Tushman, in honor of Sandra Hebert
Diana M. Worley


Meg and Bob Ackerman
Peg Bacon
Jack and Tessa Belkin
Molly Bernard
Diane Altman Berube, in memory of David J. Langevin
Bobseine Family
Bettina Borders and Victor Mailey
Bonnie L. Bower, in memory of Mark Hosley, MD, PhD
John and Jennifer Brindisi
Deborah Persons Brooke
Dan and Jennifer Bungert
Patricia and Richard Burke
Virginia Callas
James and Shauna Chen
Bob Clancy and Kathi Rogers
Gloria Clark
Bill Clements, in memory of Sandy Jones
Liz Cole and Peter Newman on behalf of David Cole
Natalie Costa-Marron
Michael Couture and Diane Brown-Couture
Michael and Jennifer Coye
Walter J. Czerny, Jr.
Andrea and Emmanuel Daskalakis
Mary Dermody and Lawrence Kupferschmidt
Sheila-Rae and Karl Dlugosinski
Mary Beth and John Dowd
Kenneth and Lisa Paquin Dunaway, in memory of Pierre A. Paquin
Ben Dunham and Wendy Rolfe-Dunham
Margaret Egan and Camilla Brooks
Deborah and David Ehrens, in memory of Myra Besen
Helga Faulenbach
Barbara and Robert L. Feinberg
Sharon Feingold and Skip Mueller, in honor of Robert Feingold
J. Walter Freiberg
Susan Gabert
John and Tally Garfield
Jody and David Gastfriend
Robert and Molly Giordano
Gretchen and John Graef
Margaret and Sam Gray
Cecilia Halter and Michael Halter
Ann M. Harris
Helena and Ken Hartnett
Peter Hawes
Maryann Hayes
Sandra Hewitt
Eric Huber and Jaime Phillipo
Ilene and Richard Jacobs
Margaret and Derrick Jones

$100+ Continued

Barbara and Ron Kaplan
John D. Kelleher and Viki A. Fowler
The Kelly Family
Claire and Edward Kelly
Roberta and Kevin Kennedy
Nancy Knutsen
Michael and Susan Kramer
Elizabeth and Robert Ladd
Raymond Lantz
Martin Lipman and Barbara Pearl
Anne Lucas
Michael and Beth Luey
Judith N. Lund

Hank Mastey
Peggy McDonough
Bryan J. McSweeny
Marlene R. Meyer
Anne Mozzone
Regina M. Mullen
Richard P. Murdock
Betts and Wisner Murray
Theresa Nowell and Muriel R. Foster
Thomas and Alice Openshaw
Teresa Ouellette
Peg Palmer
Paul and Simone Pasquariello
Alice Rice Perkins and Mark Perkins
Susan and Daniel Perry
Gilbert Perry and Donna Sachs
Geraldine Perry-Lopes
Linda and David Pierre
John and Emily Pinheiro
Susan Portnoy and Family, in memory of Dr. Bernard Portnoy
Vinay Prabhakar
David G. Prentiss
Shahara Proulx-Tracy and Will Tracy
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Rizy
Marion Salm
Laura Schaefer
Joanne Seymour and Brian Ruh
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Shuster
Ann Silva
Marlene and Chris Smith
Joseph and Maryanne Sousa
Sally Spooner
Wendy and Jeremy Stern
Anonymous, in honor of Howard and Fredericka Stevenson
Sylvia and Eiv Strand
June Strunk
William and June Swanson
John Temple and Ann Miller
James Tobin
Mary L. Tomlinson
Bob Unger and Barbara LeBlanc
Stephanie and Bryan Vadeboncoeur
Ken Weber
Ronald and Sylvia White
John and Virginia Wilkens
Nina and Kent Willever
Vanessa Williams
Elwin and Lindy Williamson
Corinne and Steve Woodworth

Business Partnerships

Albert Fox Facial Plastic Surgery Center
Baldwin Brothers
Beauregard, Burke & Franco
Bristol County Savings Bank
Diana Henry Realty
Fiber Optic Center, Inc. 
Feingold Bonnet-Hebert, P.C.
Hawthorn Medical Associates 
Howe Allen Realty
Shepard Turf Management, Inc.
South Coast Almanac
Sylvia Group of Insurance Agencies
The Symphony Music Shop
Tri-county Music Association
Whaling City Sound


Barr Foundation and The Klarman Family Foundation through the Barr-Klarman Massachusetts Arts Initiative
BayCoast Bank
The Howard Bayne Fund
The Carney Family Charitable Foundation
Enable Hope Foundation
First Citizens’ Federal Credit Union
Grimshaw-Gudewicz Charitable Foundation
Island Foundation, Inc.
Leonard and Hilda Kaplan Charitable Foundation
Massachusetts Cultural Council
The Nelson Mead Foundation
New Bedford Cultural Council
New Bedford Day Nursery Fund
SouthCoast Community Foundation – Acushnet Foundation Fund, Creative Commonwealth Initiative, The Allan and Priscilla Ditchfield Fund, Stasia Gorczyca Endowment Fund for the New Bedford Symphony, Jacobs Family Donor Advised Fund, The Wintrub and Barton Family Fund

Special Support

Learning in Concert program support provided by Concerts at the Point for Fall River, Westport, and Tiverton elementary schools and by Up with School Arts for Little Compton and New Bedford elementary schools. Educational program support is provided in part by a grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council as well as grants from the following Local Cultural Councils, which are local agencies supported by the MCC, a state agency: New Bedford and Mattapoisett.

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