You’re invited to escape to Symphony Seaside Swing. Join us in a striking new location with sweeping water views and an elegant vibe!

Your support, whether it be your presence at the event or in the form of a financial contribution, will make a significant impact on our success!

Early support allows us to share your generosity on the “official” invitation this spring, hoping it will inspire others to attend.


2023 Symphony Seaside Swing Committee

Marlissa Briggett, Clare Healy Foley, Nan Johnson, Sara H. Johnston, Susan Mead, Pam Norweb, Sandria Parsons, Jane Stankiewicz, Margot Stone, Joan Underwood, Ali Woodruff, Ann Ziegler

Proceeds support the NBSO educational programs and concerts series.

Your donations make possible our innovative educational programs.

Our educational programs serve over 25,000 children a year, and we are recognized nationally for our innovative approach and high impact. We all know of the documented benefits of children learning music, and we firmly believe that by introducing classical music to a new generation of students through our programs, we are helping them to make critical connections between music and their everyday lives, making their NBSO experience enriching on multiple levels.

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