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Thank you to our Symphony Seaside Swing 2023 Supporters!

Proceeds raised at Symphony Seaside Swing 2023 support symphony music of the highest caliber and ensure our educational outreach impacts generations to come. Your giving contributes to the artistic vibrancy of our communities, making the South Coast an inspiring place to live and visit. We truly appreciate all who contributed to this very successful event!

Corporate Sponsor
Baldwin Brothers 
Bristol County Savings Bank

Kenneth and Wendy Joblon
Andy Kotsatos and Heather Parsons
Ann and Hans Ziegler

Tom Barry and Nancy Shanik
Jack and Nancy Braitmayer
Lucile P. Hicks
Geoff and Judy Swett
Joan Underwood and Geoffrey Taylor
A Friend of the NBSO

Helen DeGroot
In memory of Merry Eustis
Edward Hoffer MD and Madeleine Deschamps
Sally Johnston
Drs. Susan J. Leclair and James T. Griffith
Michael Malone & Debra Gayle
Susan and Dexter Mead
John Newton and Janice Weber
Sandria Parsons
Howard and Fredericka Stevenson
Laima and Bert Zarins

Pat and John Baillieul
Hope Lincoln Baker
BayCoast Bank
Jan and Chuck Bichsel
Ellen and Tom Bowler
Betty Ann and Jack Cannell
Janet and Bill Coquillette
Allan and Priscilla Ditchfield
Drs. Albert and Cynthia Fox
James S. and Maryellen Sullivan Hughes
Tali and Mark Kwatcher
Harry and Pam Norweb
Don and Genie Rice
Barry and Meg Steinberg
Margot Stone

Sharon and Richard Grahn
Elissa and William Holmes
Nan Johnson and Alan Menard
Diane and Peter Lafond
Dr. Raina V. Lamade
Scott and Monica Laurans
Frances Levin
John and Doris Ludes
Karen and Jim Prieur
Judy and Bob Rosbe
Kitt and heather Sawitsky
Richard Tabors and Mary Ellen Lees
Marge Waite and Neal Weiss
John and Mallory Waterman
Kathy Wattles
Margaret Wool and Vincent Mor

Kilburn Mill Event Center
Minuteman Press New Bedford
Photography by Richard Van Inwege

2023 Symphony Seaside Swing Committee

Marlissa Briggett, Clare Healy Foley, Nan Johnson, Sara H. Johnston, Susan Mead, Pam Norweb, Sandria Parsons, Jane Stankiewicz, Margot Stone, Joan Underwood, Ali Woodruff, Ann Ziegler

A special thank you to Susan Humphrey for creating the stunning centerpieces, and to Richard Van Inwegen for capturing the evening in photos.

Your donations make possible our innovative educational programs.

Our educational programs serve over 25,000 children a year, and we are recognized nationally for our innovative approach and high impact. We all know of the documented benefits of children learning music, and we firmly believe that by introducing classical music to a new generation of students through our programs, we are helping them to make critical connections between music and their everyday lives, making their NBSO experience enriching on multiple levels.

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