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Season Finale – Living Legends

Premiering Wednesday, June 9, 7:30pm

Living Legends

For the safety of our musicians and patrons, this concert will be presented virtually.

Tickets are $20 per household and available through July 9, 10:00pm.

PLEASE NOTE: All ticket buyers will receive an email confirmation of purchase from the Zeiterion Theatre that includes the link to the concert. Please save this email. The link will give access to the concert from 7:30pm, June 9, through 10pm, July 9.

A duplicate confirmation email with link will be sent on the day of the concert. If you are unable to locate your email with the concert link, please email csousa@nbsymphony.org.

We recommend linking your phone, tablet, or computer to your TV to enjoy the full visual-audio quality of the performance!


Virtual Concert Premiere:

Wednesday, June 9, 7:30pm


Jesse Montgomery: Banner

Reena Esmail: Teen Murti

Keiko Abe: The WAVE Marimba Concerto

Gabriela Lena Frank: Leyendas: An Andean Walkabout

Eriko Daimo, Marimba
Yaniv Dinur, Conductor

The New Bedford Symphony Orchestra has been selected to perform a virtual concert at the League of American Orchestra’s national conference, which is also being held virtually, in June. We are very proud of this accomplishment as a national audience will now be able to enjoy the outstanding artistry of our orchestra. The concert will be available for viewing through July 9, 2021, but we hope you will join us and all of the conference attendees for the premiere at 7:30pm on June 9!

The program features music by four women of color who are among the leading composers of our time. Their pieces grapple with questions of self-identity and draw inspiration from the folk music of their traditions – African, Indian, Japanese, and Latin American.

Jesse Montgomery’s music welds classical music together with elements of improvisation, language, and social justice. Montgomery’s Banner is a brilliant rendition of the National Anthem interwoven with “Lift Every Voice and Sing” – often called the Black National Anthem.

Rena Esmail’s works combine Indian and Western musical traditions. Teen Murti (Three Statures) revolves around three different raags–Hindu melodic frameworks of improvisation–which are separated by short interludes. Each raag represents a tableaux, a concept inspired by Mussorgsky’s Pictures in an Exhibition.

Keiko Abe is one of the finest marimba players in the world, responsible for the development of the instrument, as well as expanding its repertoire and playing technique. Abe’s Marimba Concerto opens with a wild ritual based on Japanese traditional music, followed by a quiet prayer and a dream-like cadenza. The finale is built upon non-stop feverish triplets. The meaning of “percussion” goes beyond the instruments to clapping, stomping, and even shouting. Award-winning marimbist, Eriko Daimo, joins the orchestra as guest soloist for this piece. Ms. Daimo is one of the leading artists of her field.

Gabriella Lena Frank’s Leyendas (Legends) consists of six movements inspired by Andean music. Originally written for string quartet and later arranged for string orchestra, the piece encompasses traditional dances, songs, as well as folk characters, and uses extended playing techniques to imitate traditional Andean instruments.

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Eriko Daimo


Yaniv Dinur, Music Director

Music Director Sponsors:
Andy Kotsatos and Heather Parsons, Susan and Dexter Mead, Marjorie Williams and Michael Tushman

Recorded at the Zeiterion Performing Arts Center,
New Bedford, MA

Violin I
Jesse Holstein, Concertmaster
  Milan A. Heath Jr. Memorial Chair
Sasha Callahan
  Dr. Clinton Levin Memorial Chair
Jae Cosmos Lee
Jennifer Memoli
Kyra Davies
Jessica Amidon
Melody Albanese Kelly
Kenneth Mok

Violin II
EmmaLee Holmes-Hicks, Principal
  Geoff and Judy Swett Chair
David Rubin
Fariba Hunold
Julia Cash
Job Salazar
Kavita Shankar
Jorge Soto
Shawn Wang

Anna Griffis, Principal
  George Grimshaw Memorial Chair
Chris Nunn
Elisa Birdseye
Maureen Heflinger
Lauren Nelson

Leo Eguchi, Principal
  Patricia Plum Wylde Chair
Peter Zay 
  Pamela M. Hoffer Chair, endowed in perpetuity
Fabrizio Mazzetta
Bonnie Harlow

John Shiu, Acting Principal
  Irene Gudewicz Memorial Chair
Bronek Suchanek
Rod McCaulley

Evan Glickman, Principal
Robert McEwan
Tom Schmidt
David West

Concert Sponsors

View the concert program below:

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