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Charitable Lead Trusts

The Charitable Lead Trust preserves the asset for later distribution to you or your beneficiaries while allowing the NBSO to benefit from the investment return during the time allotted. The lead trust provides a series of payments to the NBSO for a period of time, after which the property either reverts to the donor or passes to the donor’s family. There are two types of Charitable Lead Trusts: the Grantor Lead Trust and the more often used Family Lead Trust. Under the Grantor Lead Trust, the trust assets are returned to you at the end of the trust term. Under the Family Lead Trust, the assets remaining in the trust are distributed to your family, usually children or grandchildren, at the end of the trust term.

Please consider talking with a financial advisor, estate planning lawyer or other qualified advisor regarding a will, a living trust or whatever else may best suit your unique needs. Tax laws and gift options continue to change, and it is best that you understand all your options.

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