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Ferdinand the Bull

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NBSO Concertmaster Jesse Holstein and NBSO violinist Ealain McMullin present a special performance for VAHA! New Bedford. “Ferdinand the Bull” for narrator and violin is an adaptation of the classic 1936 children’s book, “The Story of Ferdinand” by the American author Munro Leaf. The adaptation contains music composed by British composer Alan Ridout in 1971. It tells the story of a young bull who would much rather sit under a cork tree and smell the flowers than compete in the bullfights with all the other little bulls. However, one misplaced nap under his tree unexpectedly puts Ferdiand into the Major Leagues of bullfights in Madrid. In 2019, Jesse performed “Ferdinand the Bull” for the late author’s son and was given enthusiastic permission to add his own theatrical embellishments! Jesse and Ealaín will include the original illustrations from the book by Robert Lawson.


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