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November 6, 7:30 PM


Music and Art

November 6, 7:30 PM

Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No. 6
Derrick Skye: Prisms, Cycles, Leaps
Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No. 7

Yaniv Dinur, Conductor
Olivia Coucci, Artist

Beethoven’s immortal symphonies remain some of the most unique and inspiring pieces in the repertoire. Going against the stream, Beethoven paved the way for every composer who followed. Derrick Skye combines elements of Balkan music and Hindustani classical music. His piece maintains high energy throughout, morphing from one dance to the next until finally consuming itself.

To complement the performance of these pieces, a special art exhibit by local artist Olivia Coucci entitled “Beethoven in New Bedford” will be displayed. (see samples and more details below)

In May of 2019, I attended an NBSO concert, and was inspired to sketch the musicians and post the artwork to instagram.  This began my online connection with several of the musicians.  Recently, Yaniv contacted me about doing a series of “Beethoven in New Bedford” pieces to promote the NBSO’s upcoming show. I was thrilled by the surreal idea of seeing cartoon Beethoven explore my hometown.  I approached each piece like an illustrated painting.  While taking pictures downtown, I wondered how Beethoven would experience the city as he prepares for his upcoming concert. The goal was to not just draw cartoon Beethoven into the real world, but to meet in the middle by editing the photos to emphasize the color and whimsy of downtown NB.  Beethoven has enjoyed his visit, and is excited for New Bedford to see his travels and hear his work on November 6th. It’s been a dream of mine to collaborate with musicians in this way, and use my art to promote incredible organizations such as this. Big thank you to Yaniv for reaching out with this great idea and to the NBSO for arranging the exhibit!” ~ Olivia Cuoucci

Scroll down to view examples!

Derrick Skye (formerly Derrick Spiva)

Concert Sponsors

Beethoven in New Bedford

A fun way to imagine Ludwig hanging out in New Bedford

Yaniv got to know Olivia Coucci’s work after she attended one of our concerts and doodled our musicians. Her art is beautiful, charming, and funny, and he immediately knew he wanted to collaborate with her. Since we’re playing two Symphonies by Beethoven in our upcoming concert, Yaniv thought it would be fun to show the great composer visiting familiar places in New Bedford. He has been inspired to see what Olivia has come up with!

Olivia Coucci, artist
Olivia Coucci (24) was born and raised in New Bedford. She is a Story Artist currently working at Pixar Animation Studios. From an early age, she loved art, music, and history. Growing up in NB, with its rich history and artistic endeavors, helped foster her passions. Olivia attended Greater New Bedford Voc Tech where she studied Visual Design. She studied at Lesley University for two years in the Animation and Motion Media department before transferring to Ringling College of Art and Design, where she began her journey in 3D Computer Animation. She now constructs and tells stories through drawings for her career. Due to work-from-home conditions, Olivia currently resides in New Bedford, and will be moving to California in the new year. She is thrilled to be working with the New Bedford Symphony Orchestra, an organization that has inspired her through music since childhood. She hopes you enjoy seeing Beethoven experience New Bedford, and perhaps inspire you to appreciate the little things we might take for granted around the city with the wonder and curiosity of an artist abroad. 

Olivia Coucci

The art will be displayed at the concert and Yaniv and Olivia will talk about them in the 6:30 PM pre-concert talk in the theatre. All eight 11×17 original, one-of-a-kind, framed prints will be available for purchase by the artist at $250 each via PayPal, Venmo, or cash only. 

Doors to the theatre will open at 6:00 PM for Yaniv’s 6:30 – 7:00 PM pre-concert talk. 

The Zeiterion requires all attendees at indoor performances and gatherings to wear masks, and attendees over the age of 12 to provide documentation demonstrating full vaccination against the COVID-19 virus or submit documentation of a negative COVID-19 test (PCR test within 72 hours or antigen test administered by a provider within 24 hours of the show that you are attending). The same is expected of all Zeiterion staff, event personnel, and volunteers.

Please visit the Zeiterion’s website to view complete details on all Health & Safety protocols.

The stage extension will be used for this concert and covers the first 5 rows of seating.


Yaniv Dinur, Music Director

Music Director Sponsors:
Andy Kotsatos and Heather Parsons, Susan and Dexter Mead, Marjorie Williams and Michael Tushman

Violin I
Ethan Wood, Guest Concertmaster
  Milan A. Heath Jr. Memorial Chair
Travis Rapoza
  Dr. Clinton Levin Memorial Chair
Emma Powell
Kyra Davies
Theo Linden
Jennifer Memoli
Justus Ross
Ken Mok
Susan Holcomb
Melody Alabanese Kelly

Violin II
EmmaLee Holmes-Hickes, Principal
  Geoff and Judy Swett Chair
Ealain McMullin
Raluca Dumitrache
Keri Benson
Mina Lavcheva
Laura Gulley
Tessa Sacramone
Emily Mullaney
Anabelle Tirado
Kavita Shankar

Anna Griffis, Principal
  George Grimshaw Memorial Chair
Maureen Heflinger
Elisa Birdseye
Rebecca Hallowell
Jess Cooper
Jake Pietroniro
Justin Ouellette
Emily Edelstein

Leo Eguchi, Principal
  Patricia Plum Wylde Chair
Peter Zay
  Pamela M. Hoffer Chair, endowed in perpetuity
Jacob MacKay
Fabrizio Mazzetta
Bonnie Harlow
Holly Dyer
Johnny Mok

Bebo Shiu, Guest Principal
  Irene Gudewicz Memorial Chair
Bronek Suchanek
Rod McCaulley
Evan Runyon
Ira Schaefer

Vanessa Holroyd, Guest Principal
  Josef N. Cobert Memorial Chair,  endowed in perpetuity
Caitlyn Schmidt
  Heather Parsons and Anrew Kotsatos Chair, endowed in perpetuity
Caitlyn Schmidt,
Nicholas Fitton

Laura Shamu, Principal
Nancy and Jack Braitmayer Chair, endowed in perpetuity
Caitlyn Schmidt
Laura Pardee Schaefer
Ben Fox

Nicholas Brown,  Principal
  Charles Parsons Memorial Chair
Margo McGowan
Hunter Bennet
Max Reed
Sangwon Lee
Andrew Wild

Michael Mechanic, Principal
Natalie Zemba
Susannah Telsey

Jacky Li, Guest Principal
  Dorothy Malone and Rhoda Gayle Memorial Chair
Sarah Gagnon
  Cile and Bill Hicks Chair, endowed in perpetuity
Jeremy Ronkin
Marina Krickler
Joseph Venezia

Dana Oakes, Guest Principal
Mark Emery
Geoff Shamu
Sam Thurson

Alexander Knutrud, Guest Prinipal
  Albert J. Lamoureux Memorial Chair
James Monaghan
Zachary Haas

Jobey Wilson, Principal

Eric Huber, Principal
  Ann and Hans Ziegler Chair, endowed in perpetuity

Evan Glickman, Principal
Dylan Barber
Robert McEwan
Piero Guimaraes

Maria Spraker, Guest Principal

Pei-yeh Tsai, Principal

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