Shostakovich and Dvořák

Saturday, November 21, 7:30pm

Shostakovich and Dvořák

For the safety of our musicians and patrons, we will present this concert virtually. Please scroll down to view the concert program flipbook.

Saturday, November 21, 7:30pm

Dmitri Shostakovich: Concerto in C Minor for Piano, Trumpet, and String Orchestra, Op. 35

Antonín Dvořák: Serenade for Strings in E Major, Op. 22


Alexander Korsantia, Piano
Andrew Sorg, Trumpet
Yaniv Dinur, Conductor


Join us on November 21 as we safely place 22 musicians (strings and trumpet) plus Yaniv and Alexander on stage at The Z for a fantastic virtual performance of Shostakovich and Dvořák!

Shostakovich’s first Piano Concerto is an emotional roller coaster that begins in a restrained manner only to spiral out of control by the end. Written for the unusual instrumentation of piano, strings, and trumpet, the piece spans musical styles and includes quotations from folk songs, classical music, cabaret, and silent films. Winner of the 1995 Arthur Rubinstein Competition, Georgian pianist Alexander Korsantia joins the NBSO for this masterpiece. 

Somewhat of an antidote to Shostakovich, Dvořák’s Serenade for Strings is really a symphony for string orchestra. Written in only 12 days, it remains one of Dvořák’s most popular works and one of the pinnacles of romantic music.


Alexander Korsantia


Yaniv Dinur, Music Director

Music Director Sponsors:
Andy Kotsatos and Heather Parsons, Susan and Dexter Mead, Marjorie Williams and Michael Tushman

Violin I
Jesse Holstein, Concertmaster
   Milan A. Heath Jr. Memorial Chair
Ethan Wood, Assistant
   Dr. Clinton Levin Memorial Chair
Dana Ianculovici
Linda Scenna
Jennifer Memoli

Violin II
EmmaLee Holmes-Hicks, Principal
   Geoff and Judy Swett Chair
David Rubin
Michael Hustedde
Fariba Hunold
Jessica Amidon

Anna Griffis, Principal
   George Grimshaw Memorial Chair
Chris Nunn
Elisa Birdseye
Rebecca Hallowell
Maureen Heflinger

Leo Eguchi, Principal
   Patricia Plum Wylde Chair
Peter Zay
Bonnie Harlow
Stefan Gabriel

John Shiu, Acting Principal
   Irene Gudewicz Memorial Chair
Bronek Suchanek
Rod McCaulley

Andrew Sorg, Principal

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