A Practical Guide to Classical Music (and IPAs)

Wednesday, August 24, 5 – 7 PM
Groundwork, 1213 Purchase Street, New Bedford

An evening of music, beer, and community, exploring the ways classical music is similar to & different from other types of music.

Are you new to classical music? Or maybe it is a bit of a mystery to you? Join New Bedford Symphony Orchestra President & CEO Dave Prentiss who will bring together his love of both music and IPAs as he explores the ways classical music is similar to – and the ways it is different from – other types of music. Dave’s practical, common-sense approach to music, along with an IPA or two, will kindle your interest and enjoyment of this great music that has so much to offer all of us. (For example, did you know that listening to classical music releases dopamine in the brain which spikes pleasure and naturally de-stresses us?)

Join us for a fun and musical evening. IPAs and other refreshments will be served and all attendees will receive a FREE TICKET to an upcoming New Bedford Symphony concert, featuring over 70 professional musicians.

Free, but please register in advance.

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