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Welcome to Learning in Concert Online! My name is Terry, and I want to give a special shoutout to kids from our Learning in Concert program! Peter, Hunter, Travis and all our NBSO musicians want to give you a big welcome, too! We invite you to explore the videos on this page to see how classical music connects to everything around us. Please check back regularly as we continue to add new exciting video content. 


Symmetry in Shapes and Classical Music

Video Number 1: Watch as we explore slide symmetry in shapes and Mozart’s Piano Sonata in C Major.
Video Number 2: Watch as we explore mirror symmetry in architecture, imagery and Haydn’s Symphony No. 47. 
Video Number 3: Watch as we explore flip symmetry in shapes and Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 3. 

Music and Math

Musical Arrays and Equations.
Parallel, Oblique and Perpendicular Lines in Math and Music.

Thinking of Friends: Elgar characterizes friends and family through music

Music and Astronomy

Gravity in Mercury’s Orbit and Mozart’s Harmony
Gravity in Mars Orbit and Handel’s Harmony
Neptune’s Orbit and Shostakovich’s Harmony

Music and Ecosystems

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