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Live Stream: Bach-Talk and Talk-Bach

Recorded Wednesday, May 27, 7pm

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An informative talk with NBSO Concertmaster Jesse Holstein!

The first known edition of Bach’s Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin dates from 1720 while he was employed at the court of Anhalt-Cothen in Germany. These works greatly expanded the musical, technical, and harmonic possibilities of the violin, which was largely used as a singularly melodic instrument up to that point. With these works, Bach revolutionized both solo violin music and violin playing beyond measure.

Join Jesse for a deep-dive into their genesis and history through the lens of the final Partita in E-major. He might even do some very bad baroque dance moves to illustrate the rhythm of the movements. Please don’t let that be a deterrent!

This Bach-Talk will include a “Talk-Bach” where you can type in questions and comments.

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