American Dream

Saturday, October 1, 7:30 PM

American Dream

Saturday, October 1, 7:30 PM

Bella Hristova, violin
Yaniv Dinur, conductor

Wynton Marsalis: Violin Concerto
Antonín Dvořák: Symphony No. 9 “From the New World”

Jazz, blues, habanera, spirituals, and anthems are all part of this whirlwind of a violin concerto by American Jazz legend, Wynton Marsalis, and performed by sensational Bulgarian-American violinist Bella Hristova. Dvořák’s “New World” Symphony is considered the first attempt to write an American symphony. Is it a depiction of the New World, or an expression of longing for the “old” one? That’s up to our audience to decide.

Please join Yaniv and Bella in the theatre at 6:30 PM for the pre-concert talk. Doors open at 6:00 PM for those attending the talk, and 7:00 PM for the concert. 


Bella Hristova

Concert Sponsor:


Yaniv Dinur, Music Director

Music Director Sponsors: Susan and Dexter Mead

Violin I
Jesse Holstein, Concertmaster
  Milan A. Heath Jr. Memorial Chair
Ethan Wood, Assistant Concertmaster
  Dr. Clinton Levin Memorial Chair
Ealain McMullin
Jennifer Memoli
Kyra Davies
Travis Rapoza
Melody Albanese Kelly
Linda Scenna
Benjamin Carson
Tessa Sacramone
Jae Cosmos Lee
Meghan O’Connor

Violin II
Ralucca Dumitrache, Principal
  Geoff and Judy Swett Chair
Ryan Shannon
Fariba Hunold
Leah Zelnick
Amy Sims
Viktoria Tchertchian
Justin Ouellet
Justus Ross
Emily Mullaney
Melissa Carter

Anna Griffis, Principal
  George Grimshaw Memorial Chair
Maureen Heflinger
Elisa Birdseye
Kevonna Shuford
Jessica Cooper
Madeline Stewart
Ken Allen
Harold Lieberman

Shay Rudolph, Principal
  Patricia Plum Wylde Chair
Peter Zay
  Pamela M. Hoffer Chair, endowed in perpetuity
Bonnie Harlow
Stefan Gabriel
Jacob MacKay
Holly Dyer
Alex Fowler
Nancy Hair

Nate Varga, Guest Principal
  Irene Gudewicz Memorial Chair
Bronek Suchanek
Rod McCaulley
Joe Bentley
Caroline Samuels

Timothy Macri, Guest Principal
  Josef N. Cobert Memorial Chair,  endowed in perpetuity
Caitlyn Schmidt
  Heather Parsons and Anrew Kotsatos Chair, endowed in perpetuity
Nicholas Fitton

Laura Shamu, Principal
Nancy and Jack Braitmayer Chair, endowed in perpetuity
Laura Pardee Schaefer
Andrea Heyboer

Hunter Bennett,  Principal
  Charles Parsons Memorial Chair
Margo McGowan
Max Reed

Stephanie Busby, Principal
Gabe Ramey
Sam Childers

Nick Auer, Guest Principal
  Dorothy Malone and Rhoda Gayle Memorial Chair
Nick Rubenstein
  Cile and Bill Hicks Chair, endowed in perpetuity
Marina Krickler
Neil Godwin

Mark Emery, Guest Principal
Geoff Shamu
Kyle Spraker

Seth Budahl, Guest Prinipal
  Albert J. Lamoureux Memorial Chair
Robert Hoveland
James Monaghan

Jobey Wilson, Principal

Greg Simonds, Principal
  Ann and Hans Ziegler Chair, endowed in perpetuity

Dylan Barber, Principal
Piero Guimaraes
Robert McEwan
Julian Loida

Emily Lewis, Guest Principal

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